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What to expect?

What can you expect when we work together?

I will:
provide a dedicated time and space for us to work
want to understand your experience and culture
help you to identify what you need
help raise your self awareness
be clear about what you can expect
explore your relationships with yourself, other people and the world
use my knowledge, experience and training to consider what might help
conduct a professional, ethical and boundaried relationship with you
challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone so your confidence grows
be beside you, supporting you for as long as you feel necessary

I won't:
judge you
advise you or tell you what to do
make assumptions based on stereotype or assumption
limit the number of sessions you can have
get involved in your life

What do I expect from my clients?

I would like you to be:
Commited to the process
Open and honest with yourself and with me
Willing to work through challenging issues that arise
Open to new ideas and experiences
Ready for change

And most importantly, to be open to enjoying the process of change for it is good to travel as well as to arrive.  


Charlotte Green | Professional Life Coach & Trainer | or call me on 07733 263200 to arrange a FREE consultation