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My rates

"Life coaching may not be magic, but the results are certainly magical"

Coaching in person (1 hour sessions) = £45.00

Tele-coaching (50 minute sessions) = £40.00 (+ the cost of the call)

I ask new clients to commit to a series of 6 sessions to begin with as this demonstrates commitment to oneself and to the process of change. Subsequent sessions can be booked individually and paid for before the start of each session.

I offer unlimited email support inbetween the initial 6 session and also when subsequent sessions are booked and paid for in a series of 4 or more.

I have a limited number of reduced fee daytime places for both tele-coaching and coaching in person. Please contact me to discuss your situation.

Satisfaction guarantee

I am wholly committed to the process of coaching and ask that you give yourself fully to the experience and to the process. I am sufficiently confident in the results of such committment that I offer a full money back guarantee should our sessions not produce new insights, generate new approaches to life, provide a useful toolkit and suitable action plans for your development.


Charlotte Green | Professional Life Coach & Trainer | or call me on 07733 263200 to arrange a FREE consultation