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Confidence For Life Programme

Accredited 6 week Confidence and Self-Esteem programme designed by Dawn Breslin.

During the programme, I will:

- help you to identify and release your blocks and fears once and for all
- show you how to reconnect with your inner childhood qualities and your true, authentic self
- teach you to attract success, abundance, love and joy into your life

The programme will teach you that:

your thoughts create your emotions
your emotions determine your habits
and your habits shape your destiny

So by changing your thinking and your emotions on the inside the results will be a change in your external circumstances.


This 6 week programme can have a dramatic impact on your personal and professional life and helps to heal our relationships, self esteem, health and wellbeing, social life, sex lives, careers, and the list goes on!

You will leave this programme with amazing self-confidence and self-awareness.

Contact me for your free consultation - with no obligation - to discuss how this programme could help you change your life.

Charlotte Green | Professional Life Coach & Trainer | or call me on 07733 263200 to arrange a FREE consultation