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Free consultation

The initial consultation is FREE and is a friendly  and informal chat that takes place on the telephone. It is completely confidential and you are under no obligatin to sign up for coaching.

The objectives are:

• for you to find out about what I offer, my coaching style and how coaching can help you
• for me to get to know you, your dreams and ideas and what has motivated you to contact me about coaching

If you decide that I am the right coach for you at the end of the consultation then we can go ahead and book your first session and you can begin to make changes to your life.

Remember, if you do nothing, nothing will change so call or email me to arrange your FREE consultation - with no obligations - and we can talk about coaching can help you change your life to how you want it to be.


Charlotte Green | Professional Life Coach & Trainer | or call me on 07733 263200 to arrange a FREE consultation